An introduction to Casablanca

Casablanca is the largest city of the Morocco kingdom it is situated in the nation’s central-west portion of the Atlantic Ocean. Casablanca is popular for its beautiful architecture, hot water soaks, beautiful mountain ranges, hotels, exotic dishes, and beaches. Visiting Casablanca nowadays is becoming a trend.

History of Casablanca

The first name of Casablanca was Anfa in 7th century B.C later, when Portugal conquered Anfa, they keep his name as Casa Branca, which signifies “White House”. Now the world Casablanca is taken from the Spanish language. The city was established by the Berbers. At first, it was used as a harbor by the people of Rome.

Portuguese invasion

At the beginning of the fifteenth century, the town turned into an autonomous state again and was developed as an open port for the pirates. After this, the Portuguese attacked the city in 1468 and used the city’s remains as a military fort in 1515. The community was named Casa Branca. After some time around 1580 to 1640, Spain and Portugal were mixed, so every area or a small zone that was under Portugal was then under the control of Spain, but after 1640, Spain left the city, which once again came under the control of Portugal. The community was rebuilt by Sultan Muhammad ben Abdullah, the Grandson of Moulay Ismael. The place was then called Ad Dar Al Bayda (Arabic: الدار البيضاء‎)

France’s invasion and regime

In the nineteenth century, the zone’s population started to increase as it turned into a proper place to live by, where there were people to invest in some business-like textile mills, etc. Seeing this the British movements started increasing after which the population increased further which made this place a medium-sized harbor.

In 1921 this population increased by one hundred and ten thousand. French were ruling the place already. They started building up the city, turning it into a more developed place, before the houses were poorly built. Still, the French made up their mind as well as the place in a more civilized way. Still, some of the locals started protesting against the government.

When the French closed the harbor with a railroad, some of the locals protested against them, as a result of which some soldiers were injured, and some were killed. A few months later, some of the Europeans then joined forces with the locals to rise against the French then the place was filled with the anti-French Revolution all around. The classic movie Casablanca portrayed the same situation as it was in real life.


In early 2000, some of the females started protesting against the government to raise the female’s legal status in Morocco. Around forty thousand women went requiring that a husband should not marry four women and take divorce should also be in women’s hands. There were also some other rights that those women were asking for, but King Muhammad VI allowed some of their demands but refused the others. On the 16th of May 2003, thirty-three citizens were murdered while the morocco rebels were out on the hunt. After independence, Casablanca was a peaceful city to live in, giving the people the basic needs regularly.

The climate of Casablanca

The city of Casablanca has a hot atmosphere. The cold winds change the city’s temperature, but usually, the atmosphere consists of humidity, which is very much troublesome, but overall, the climate is okay to be with. The maximum temperature recorded in Casablanca was 40.7 degrees Celsius.


The economy of Casablanca mainly depends upon a few things that are mentioned below;


The port of Casablanca is the main source of its income because all imports and exports are performed on this port. The port tends to hold several hundreds of containers. It consists of 40 % of the total revenue generated by the whole city of Casablanca.


The Muhammad V international airport is also another source of income for Casablanca city, as there are hundreds of flights in a month. People come from all over the world to visit Casablanca, and the airport also facilitates the inbound flights that have the stay between their destinations.


Casablanca is where people go after their retirement or even for vacations attracted towards the beauty of nature, hot water soaks, architecture, and the beautiful places in the city. When people visit Casablanca, they spend their money on something which generally adds up to the revenue of the city as well as the country.

Foreign investors

Casablanca is a hot cake for generating money by doing business. Hence people from the world who want a peaceful environment for their business and their families invest their money in some business in Casablanca, which gives benefit to both of them, i.e., the investors as well as the City itself directly giving benefit to the economy of the country.

Architectural tour of Casablanca

Casablanca is a beautifully constructed city with a mixture of French and Moroccan style. The reflection of the Great architecture is seen in almost every place of the city, whether it’s a building or an ally or even some street. Some places have red-colored buildings and must use red-colored paint while constructing a new one. Casablanca is full of Beautiful mosques, which themselves are a great example of modern as well as ancient architecture. The most Popular mosque is The Hassan V mosque. The beauty of the mosque can be seen right from the entrance where the floor has a shine that reflects the sky in it.

Some Concluding Paragraph

Casablanca is a great city that faced a lot of trouble while on its way towards establishment. After a long time, it has become popular and civilized. It is also a hot spot for the people who are in search of peace of mind or who want to relax for some time after being bored by their daily work routine. This is a place where one can find some modern touch of the architecture as well as the ancient civilizations.