Egyptian Belly Dancing Costume – Best Belly Dancing Online Lectures

Generally the Egyptian belly dancing costume can be a gown, bra or skirt with hip accentuations build directly to the costume. There might also be accessories that include a headband, arm cuff or form fitting sleeves and a veil.

In Egyptian style of belly dancing, it is prohibited to expose the bare midriff so the costume should be one that avoids the exposure. The costume would be a mesh of lose or tight cloth. You need to take care of the care if you want to perform publicly.

The belly dance is also known as Raqs Sharqi and modern Egyptian Cabaret dancers use the Egyptian belly dancing to gain attention of the population. The belly dancing costume can help to enrich the bely dancing movements.

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You can know that there is a famous American dancer that dances in this style is known as Shareen El Safy. The dancer has influence many Americans to learn the dancing. You can also be in favor of this dancing if you see the dancing moves of the dancer.

There are different Egyptian laws that prohibit the different movements so you need to take care of the law before performing the dance. The Egyptians must have to abide by the law and have to wear the stomach covers in order to conceal the naked belly.

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Egyptian Belly Dancing Costume

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Egyptian Belly Dancing Costume

The Egyptian Belly Dancing costime is mass produced and you can easily spot it. You can look for the fringe that would be 6 to 12 inches long. The strand ending would be in plastic bead or platte. There might also be fringes on the bra that can be attached to two places one is across the base and other is on the large V.

Although the bra can come with more than one arrangement of the fringe, the fringe on the belt will attach to the base and often it would be accenting piece that have attached to the center of the belt.

On the Egyptian belly dancing costume you will find that the surface of the belt and the bra is stitched on a color of sequins.  You may not find any noticeable thing about the shape of the bra used in the Egyptian belly dancing costume.

But you can find that the front part of the bra can be rectangular in shape You may also find that there can be half circle at the end that would be covering the cupping of the buttocks. There are many different types of bras that you can find.

There are many styles from which you can choose. However, the best style would be one that is most appealing to different people. You can have costume lessons from the instructor of the course.